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Answering The Call:
What Can I Do Now to Strengthen Marriages and Familes

Published a guide full of helpful information about getting involved in strengthening marriages and families in 13 domains, with suggestions ranging from simple volunteer involvement to possible paid careers. This version commissioned by BYU’s School of Family Life and targeted to LDS family advocates.

Family Outreach Conference

In February of 2004 we held the 2nd Family Outreach Conference with over 450 family advocates from all walks of life. Students, alumni, religious leaders, concerned citizens, and community professionals gathered at Brigham Young University to learn how to better strengthen marriages and families within their own communities. Participants were informed by presentations on what others are doing and practical guidance on how to get involved in making a difference for families.

Family Life Education Fact Sheet

Contributed to the making of a family life education fact sheet distributed to national policy makers.

NCFR Award

Received special recognition for service to the profession from the National Council on Family Relations (NCFR).

Strengthening our Families

Contributed an essay on family life education to a multi-disciplinary book on family principles.


Distributed a nationwide survey to educators and used responses to assess the state of the field of family life education and the needs of educators.

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