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Why the Family Life Education Institute?

We recognized the need to strengthen marriages and families, and in 1998 combined the collaborative vision of Certified Family Life Educators Natalie Goddard, Tamara Talbot, and Misty Wise to establish the Family Life Education Institute. Our unique two-fold mission is to strengthen marriage and the family by supporting family life educators and promoting family life education. We do this by preparing tools and opportunities for the training and networking of educators, as well as working to build awareness of family life education and its potential for strengthening families.

Helping educators reach more families in better ways.

Our logo represents our fundamental belief in the family as the central unit of society that encircles every individual and brings happiness and strength to the world.

In the five years since our origination, we have accomplished much to carry out our mission. To learn more see our past projects and current projects. For an in-depth look at the Institute request an information packet here.

“Family Life Education Institute fills an important niche and a critical need within the Family Life Education profession. Many who are knowledgeable about strong families want to reach out, but lack the resources needed to offer assistance. Family Life Education is a boom industry in this country, and these dedicated folks are on the ground floor.”
–Dr. Alan J. Hawkins, Director, Family Studies Center, Brigham Young University

“The value and importance of family life education in promoting a healthy society is becoming increasingly evident. The Family Life Education Institute provides much needed resources and networking opportunities for the growing number of family life education professionals.”
-Dawn Cassidy, Certification Director, National Council on Family Relations

Family Life Education Institute
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